Wood Toilet Seats

Wood Toilet Seats, Plastic, and Durability

Wood Toilet Seats

Do people still use wood toilet seats? Yes, they do. If you thought that this trend has disappeared from the world, you are mistaken. Why would people still use wood toilet seats is a more suitable question.The most widely used toilet seats are made of plastic and come in different colors. Some of them are just a thin layer of plastic; others are padded for comfort.Just as with any products, there are pros and cons to each type (plastic or wood), and it is a matter of private preference. The plastic toilet seat is usually cheaper, but they can break and scratch. Wood toilet seats are warmer on a cold winter morning, and they last longer.

The main reason people opt for a wood toilet seat has to do with style, preference, and nostalgia. If you are renovating a bathroom or just giving it a face lift, these are the things you need to take into consideration; when wanting to give the bathroom a country feel, then wood toilet seat will help you achieve that. If you are going to an old time charm bathroom with free standing tub, a plastic toilet seat will look out of place. You better opt for a wood toilet seat.

Wood toilet seats are made of durable wood and are treated and cured. Later, they are covered with a few layers of lacquer to seal the pores. This way nothing will penetrate the wood and linger. They are heavier than the plastic ones and are much more comfortable and as was said before, warm on cold winter mornings.

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Durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning, coupled with old world charm make the wood toilet seat such a huge seller for companies that deal with bathroom fixtures. Amazon has a variety of wood toilet seats in round or oval shapes in prices that range around $50. They come in cherry finish, maple finish and light maple. Nextag.com is always a good source of comparative pricing and has many wood toilet seats from different manufacturers and in many different wood colors. They range in price from $20 to over $100.

Wood Toilet Seat

Plumbing has some wood toilet seats in white as well if you like the clean, modern look and the texture of wood, from $12 to over $30. They also have wood toilet seats made out of bamboo.There are different kinds of toilet seats out there, in many shapes and colors. Your first decision will have to be what do you like more, plastic or wood toilet seat. After that, the choices are many.

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