Easy way to add Starbucks Gift Card to Mobile App

Easy way to add Starbucks Gift Card to Mobile App

This article will show you the best way to add a Starbucks gift card to your Starbucks app on Android or iPhone. If you have a gift card for your holidays or something like that, you can easily add that gift card to the mobile app and carry anywhere in the world without carrying a solid card in your bag. And if you visit any Starbucks shop, you won’t have to worry about balance after adding. It’s easy and quick. Continue reading for step by step instructions.

After adding the gift card to the Starbucks app, you can still use your original Starbucks card, which now has the amount of the gift card attached to it. In this way, your gift card will be safe and secure, in case you lose it and it will allow you always to know how much is left. You can even attach the gift card to Passbook so that you can immediately show it to pay a payment at Starbucks.

For this process, you need an account and Starbucks gift card balance you want to add in the mobile app.  Also, you will have to install Starbucks app first on the smartphone. Let’s say, you’ve done this thing, means installed an app and created the account as well as have a gift card. You must have some money in your gift card to use. in our case, to show you, we have $5 in our Starbucks gift card.

We are showing the easy way which will take your couple of seconds, not minute, it depends on how fast you type, and you’ve set up mobile app and signed in. So rather than wasting our time, lets move the main part of this process, believe me it won’t take your 5 minutes to do. I will also show you some images of how to do it.

How to add Starbucks gift card to Mobile App.

First of all, install Starbucks iPhone or Android app on your mobile. If you already have any gift cards assigned to an app, you’ll see that too in your app start screen.

Then open Starbucks app. After that, click on Pay screen, and swipe from left to right, doing this, new dialogue windows will open where you’ll have to enter an eight digit Starbucks gift card code, written on it and also it’s passcode.  After completing this step, you’ll have to choose transfer balance and then click Done.

So, you can manage this gift card later when you wish. That’s all, its so simple process to be done easily without any problem at all. Whenever you visit any Starbucks shop, you can now pay with your smartphone; you don’t need to carry solid gift card anymore. Its very convenient way to pay on Starbucks for coffee. Must share with friends who love Starbucks coffee, special with your loved ones 😉 as sharing is caring.

Easy way to add Starbucks Gift Card to Mobile App