Best Natural Makeup Brands in 2016-2017


Makeup is one of the essential items for women of all ages. For many women, it has become the core necessity of their life, and they don’t think to ditch makeup at all. You can enhance your personal appearance by wearing makeup. Seeing the side effects of chemicals used in cosmetics you should consider organic makeup. In everyday makeup, all beauty products are made using harsh chemicals while natural makeup uses no harsh chemicals. Organic makeup products are nutrient-rich because they are made up of natural ingredients. If you want to make your skin glowing, then you must ditch chemicals and use natural organic beauty products. You must consider top beauty brands of natural makeup and here I would like to discuss the top organic beauty brands internationally.



Sephora is one the renowned French makeup and beauty brand around the world. There are lots of Sephora beauty stores in US, Canada, and France. They have separate beauty products for organic makeup. In Sephora organic beauty line you will find all natural products. You should try various products such as body lotion, lip gloss pencil, lip balm and lipstick, waterproof eye liner and many others. Learn about getting Sephora gift card at

Physicians Formula:

Physicians’ Formula is another high-quality makeup brand that gives you so much attraction and appeal. Dermatologist approves all the products of Physicians formula, and you can get the products at reasonable prices. Due to this reason, the products of Physicians formula are so much popular, and you can get them at any place near you. You must try out various products from physicians formulae such as eye shadow, moisturizers, concealers, tan enhancer and other beauty products.


ILIA Beauty:

ILIA is another natural makeup brand you should try because all natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing of organic products. The ingredients employed in ILIA products are gluten free and all natural. Not only the products are organic, but packing is done in the eco-friendly aluminum case. You can always try different makeup organic products from ILIA because all natural ingredients are used. Their top selling beauty products are Mascara, lip conditioner, lipsticks and many others. There are thousands of fans of this beauty line.


“Origins” is one of the best organic makeup brands. It is natural and durable as well. Although it is little expensive, why not spend some extra money to get perfect results.


RMS Beauty:

RMS Beauty is other natural coconut oil based beauty brand. All the products of this brand are unique and natural. One negative thing about the name is that all the products are oil based and sometimes it gets runny especially in summer. You should keep their products in the refrigerator to keep them in good condition.

Josie Maran:

Josie Maran is award winning natural beauty brand around the world. It is organic and free of harsh chemicals. It uses the pure form of Argan oil, and most famous products are Concealer, Blush Powder, Mascara and Lip Gloss.

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