Best Natural Makeup Brands in 2016-2017


Makeup is one of the essential items for women of all ages. For many women, it has become the core necessity of their life, and they don’t think to ditch makeup at all. You can enhance your personal appearance by wearing makeup. Seeing the side effects of chemicals used in cosmetics you should consider organic makeup. In everyday makeup, all beauty products are made using harsh chemicals while natural makeup uses no harsh chemicals. Organic makeup products are nutrient-rich because they are made up of natural ingredients. If you want to make your skin glowing, then you must ditch chemicals and use natural organic beauty products. You must consider top beauty brands of natural makeup and here I would like to discuss the top organic beauty brands internationally.



Sephora is one the renowned French makeup and beauty brand around the world. There are lots of Sephora beauty stores in US, Canada, and France. They have separate beauty products for organic makeup. In Sephora organic beauty line you will find all natural products. You should try various products such as body lotion, lip gloss pencil, lip balm and lipstick, waterproof eye liner and many others. Learn about getting Sephora gift card at

Physicians Formula:

Physicians’ Formula is another high-quality makeup brand that gives you so much attraction and appeal. Dermatologist approves all the products of Physicians formula, and you can get the products at reasonable prices. Due to this reason, the products of Physicians formula are so much popular, and you can get them at any place near you. You must try out various products from physicians formulae such as eye shadow, moisturizers, concealers, tan enhancer and other beauty products.


ILIA Beauty:

ILIA is another natural makeup brand you should try because all natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing of organic products. The ingredients employed in ILIA products are gluten free and all natural. Not only the products are organic, but packing is done in the eco-friendly aluminum case. You can always try different makeup organic products from ILIA because all natural ingredients are used. Their top selling beauty products are Mascara, lip conditioner, lipsticks and many others. There are thousands of fans of this beauty line.


“Origins” is one of the best organic makeup brands. It is natural and durable as well. Although it is little expensive, why not spend some extra money to get perfect results.


RMS Beauty:

RMS Beauty is other natural coconut oil based beauty brand. All the products of this brand are unique and natural. One negative thing about the name is that all the products are oil based and sometimes it gets runny especially in summer. You should keep their products in the refrigerator to keep them in good condition.

Josie Maran:

Josie Maran is award winning natural beauty brand around the world. It is organic and free of harsh chemicals. It uses the pure form of Argan oil, and most famous products are Concealer, Blush Powder, Mascara and Lip Gloss.

Wood Toilet Seats

Wood Toilet Seats, Plastic, and Durability

Wood Toilet Seats

Do people still use wood toilet seats? Yes, they do. If you thought that this trend has disappeared from the world, you are mistaken. Why would people still use wood toilet seats is a more suitable question.The most widely used toilet seats are made of plastic and come in different colors. Some of them are just a thin layer of plastic; others are padded for comfort.Just as with any products, there are pros and cons to each type (plastic or wood), and it is a matter of private preference. The plastic toilet seat is usually cheaper, but they can break and scratch. Wood toilet seats are warmer on a cold winter morning, and they last longer.

The main reason people opt for a wood toilet seat has to do with style, preference, and nostalgia. If you are renovating a bathroom or just giving it a face lift, these are the things you need to take into consideration; when wanting to give the bathroom a country feel, then wood toilet seat will help you achieve that. If you are going to an old time charm bathroom with free standing tub, a plastic toilet seat will look out of place. You better opt for a wood toilet seat.

Wood toilet seats are made of durable wood and are treated and cured. Later, they are covered with a few layers of lacquer to seal the pores. This way nothing will penetrate the wood and linger. They are heavier than the plastic ones and are much more comfortable and as was said before, warm on cold winter mornings.

For the best wood toilet seat, you should have best toilet. They are offering reviews of toilets available in the market.

Durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning, coupled with old world charm make the wood toilet seat such a huge seller for companies that deal with bathroom fixtures. Amazon has a variety of wood toilet seats in round or oval shapes in prices that range around $50. They come in cherry finish, maple finish and light maple. is always a good source of comparative pricing and has many wood toilet seats from different manufacturers and in many different wood colors. They range in price from $20 to over $100.

Wood Toilet Seat

Plumbing has some wood toilet seats in white as well if you like the clean, modern look and the texture of wood, from $12 to over $30. They also have wood toilet seats made out of bamboo.There are different kinds of toilet seats out there, in many shapes and colors. Your first decision will have to be what do you like more, plastic or wood toilet seat. After that, the choices are many.


Take a Day Off from Waterways Adventures and get a Neck Massage to Relax

You never know when your sleeping posture changes and you wake up with a stiff and sore neck that pains you throughout the day, most of my fellows on waterways adventures have back and neck pains all the time, so I also have that pain and we’re taking back massage to get rid of this pain, so we can work better the whole week after it.. This can cause a lot of discomforts and opt for massage therapists might be a bit costly, or you don’t have enough time during the day to visit a spa.

Neck Massage

Instead, you can spend a few minutes daily and massage your own neck using simple techniques that are efficient and durable. If you don’t want to massage your own neck then you can use any affordable electric massage chair with Shiatsu technique, I’m personally using real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair plus vr headset and it’s an affordable one with shiatsu technique.

With that being said, here are some possible neck pain issues along with their massage techniques to try right now for an instant pain relief.

Types of Neck Pain/Sprain

  • Stiff Neck Pain.
  • One-sided Neck Pain.
  • Neck Pain with Headache

Before we begin massage our neck you need to prepare your body for a massage. Go to the washroom, and take a quick warm bath. This helps to loosen the muscles and make them ready for a massage. Try to pour more water on the neck region both from the front and behind. What I highly recommend is to soak your body for 10-15 minutes in Epsom salt water for softening the stiff muscles and alleviating the pain. This would help a lot in making your massage more effective and rejuvenating.

1: Stiff Neck Pain

Make yourself in a comfortable sitting position and the gradually move your arms above your chest area. Now start gliding the fingers in between the line of the base of your head and the shoulders and stroke down towards the length of the neck.  Repeat the process on the other side as well by leaning your head on the opposite shoulder. However, if you have some serious injury or pain, it is better to consult a doctor.

Also use the heel of the hand at the base of your neck and allow your fingers to drop down on each side of the spinal cord. For a quick effect, grab the muscles with your fingertips and then pull upwards. Hold them for a while in between your fingers and the palms and then go the length of the shoulders again.

Finally, you have to wrap your fingers around the nape of the neck. Start stretching the muscles on both the sides of the spine and try to squeeze them gently. This improved blood circulation and helped to relieve the pain. Make sure that you don’t squeeze with too much power else it may cause pain.

2: Pain on one side of the Neck

Sometimes, due to a bad sleeping posture, your neck pains from either side of the spine. This is quite a dreadful sort of pain that doesn’t go smoothly and also makes you unable to move your neck on that side. However, a very simple massage technique you can use here is the Shiatsu Massage. Take some massage oil or any healing balm and apply a small quantity on the painful side of the neck. Now using your fingertips, start massaging in circular motion. Apply some pressure as well while you continue to make those circular movements. Once done, wrap that area with a piece of cloth for about 30 minutes to ensure that the oil or balm is completely absorbed. Do this daily before going to bed.

3: Neck pain with Headache

It is quite common that you suffer from a headache when you have a chronic neck pain. However, this can be quickly dealt. Rub your head gently and apply an intense rotating or circular pressure as if you were shampooing your hair. Try to focus on the scalp. This will help to release the tension in the head region.

Next use your fingers and start to massage the forehead and the area around your eye. Now gradually come down towards your neck and repeat the same process as in Stiff Neck massage. You can use a massage oil as well. Once done, lay down in a comfortable area, close your eyes for about 10-15 minutes, don’t think anything about your work or personal life and try to relax.

Easy way to add Starbucks Gift Card to Mobile App

Easy way to add Starbucks Gift Card to Mobile App

This article will show you the best way to add a Starbucks gift card to your Starbucks app on Android or iPhone. If you have a gift card for your holidays or something like that, you can easily add that gift card to the mobile app and carry anywhere in the world without carrying a solid card in your bag. And if you visit any Starbucks shop, you won’t have to worry about balance after adding. It’s easy and quick. Continue reading for step by step instructions.

After adding the gift card to the Starbucks app, you can still use your original Starbucks card, which now has the amount of the gift card attached to it. In this way, your gift card will be safe and secure, in case you lose it and it will allow you always to know how much is left. You can even attach the gift card to Passbook so that you can immediately show it to pay a payment at Starbucks.

For this process, you need an account and Starbucks gift card balance you want to add in the mobile app.  Also, you will have to install Starbucks app first on the smartphone. Let’s say, you’ve done this thing, means installed an app and created the account as well as have a gift card. You must have some money in your gift card to use. in our case, to show you, we have $5 in our Starbucks gift card.

We are showing the easy way which will take your couple of seconds, not minute, it depends on how fast you type, and you’ve set up mobile app and signed in. So rather than wasting our time, lets move the main part of this process, believe me it won’t take your 5 minutes to do. I will also show you some images of how to do it.

How to add Starbucks gift card to Mobile App.

First of all, install Starbucks iPhone or Android app on your mobile. If you already have any gift cards assigned to an app, you’ll see that too in your app start screen.

Then open Starbucks app. After that, click on Pay screen, and swipe from left to right, doing this, new dialogue windows will open where you’ll have to enter an eight digit Starbucks gift card code, written on it and also it’s passcode.  After completing this step, you’ll have to choose transfer balance and then click Done.

So, you can manage this gift card later when you wish. That’s all, its so simple process to be done easily without any problem at all. Whenever you visit any Starbucks shop, you can now pay with your smartphone; you don’t need to carry solid gift card anymore. Its very convenient way to pay on Starbucks for coffee. Must share with friends who love Starbucks coffee, special with your loved ones 😉 as sharing is caring.

Easy way to add Starbucks Gift Card to Mobile App

NYC’s First Floating Bridge – Citizen Bridge

citizen bridge 1
It’s just the Brooklyn neighborhood known as the residence of New York’s only Ikea to many a Manhattanite, across from Red Hook. To get there, you must take the East River Ferry—that’s the only choice. No metro, no train, no bus. But it wasn’t consistently that way.

Many, she implies, don’t, although she’s always had a close relationship with the waterfront. “It’s extremely difficult to get to the water’s border from most points, ” she says.

When Nowacek lived without access to your shoreline, she found that folks had a close relationship with the water. The signage, in accordance with Nowacek, brings people in touch with water, a public advantage that is vast.

With the same thought in your mind, her latest endeavor plans to bring individuals to the water in a more direct, physical manner, via a floating bridge (it’d be New York City’s first). Citizen Bridge is a community- bunch and built -funded job; Nowacek have consulted with everyone from engineers to pupils, producing a total of six models through the procedure. , plans the Kickstarter effort, which raised over $25,000 from almost 500 backers only this to get the project off the earth with an installment of a section of the bridge.

citizen bridge 0


Nowacek came across pictures in the early 20th century at which Station was “teaming with folks.” In these pictures, she saw people using the water– in boats, swimming attending churches that were floating.

That bellicose figure in NYC preparation understood for huge infrastructure projects like the Triboro Bridge and the Cross Bronx Expressway, Robert Moses, likewise suggested a bridge that would link Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn-Battery Bridge proposition– shut down in 1939, apparently for reasons relating to the Navy Yard– to blockage of accessibility would have opened Governors Island up. The bridge was left for the Brooklyn-.

Nowacek considers the fact that Moses’ bridge was never constructed signifies the historic significance of pedestrianism as an integrated component of Nyc.

What Citizen Bridge does is supply a people-oriented option to Moses’ highway: by individuals and for individuals. Also, Citizen Bridge is designed not to achieve right across Buttermilk Channel, but to different parts of the water and connect to different regions. It’s about experiencing the space and the bridge it opens access to, about standing at the center of the water and taking in everything around you— about experiencing that with others and it’s. It a bridge, but not one that facilitates rapid access. It highlights the course over the destination.